Adult Swimming Lessons

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We offer Adult swimming lesson for complete beginners or an intermediate level.

We will help you build your confidence, strokes and technique.

We offer group sessions or 1-1 lessons deepening on what you think is best for your needs. These lessons run during term time in the evenings.


These classes are on a Fridays between 7pm and 8pm.

Classes are 30 minutes long and you have one session a week.


We have a maximum of 8 per class but do have an assistant with these classes to help give everyone the attention they need.


We provide all the floats that you will need.



What will we cover in the classes?

We currently offer 2 levels beginner and intermediate.


Beginner class

These classes are for people who are unable to swim without any floats on their front and backs.

The first lesson will cover floating and water confidence.

If you are able to float or you are already confident in the water the teacher will move onto the next stage with you.


Being confident and relaxed in the water plays a huge part in learning to swim. If you are unable to stay relaxed in the water you will not be able to float.


Once you feel happy with floating and staying relaxed in the water we start with front crawl and back stroke kick.

We will explain how you move through the water and will give demonstrations as well.


Once you are able to kick on your front and back without any floats you will then be moved to our intermediate class.



Intermediate class

These classes are designed for people who can swim 10 metres on their front and back without any floats but are looking to improve their arms and breathing.


One of the first things we will teach will be the arm movements for front crawl and back stroke. Once you have an understanding of the arms we will then show you how to breathe on front crawl.

We will also teach breaststroke in this class as well.

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