Whats changed for lessons starting in September?

We are happy to say that lessons will start again on September 7th however we have made changes to make them safe.

Class sizes have been reduced -

Level 2 classes are now limited to a maximum of 4 children per class

levels 3 and up have been limited to a maxim of 5 children per class

We will now only be running two lessons at a time, meaning we have more space for the other lessons

Parents will no longer be allowed to stay on poolside - due to the limited space parents will now drop children off at pool no earlier than 10 min before the lesson were one of our teachers will be waiting at the entrance who will also ensure your contact details are up to date. 

A teacher will remain on the entrance during lessons and no child is allowed to leave unless a known parent is there to collect them.

Teachers are no longer allowed in the water and will remain on the side - this is a hard decision however we are unable to have the teachers in the water at this time, this mean level 1 classes or children unable to swim without any floats or help will not be able to return in September (this will be reviewed as restrictions get changed). 

Children must arrive beach ready and leave without using the changing rooms (due to the size of the changing room we are unable to use them under current restrictions, this means children must come ready to swim and then dry on poolside, put on trousers and shirts before leaving 

We are encouraging all swimmers to bring their own floats, this is to reduce the chance of cross contamination, we will have spare floats to use and will be cleaned after every lesson.

We have increased how often the poolside, toilets are cleaned.

anyone showing any signs or symptoms will not be allowed into the building

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